Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hattie, Griffin and Callaghan

Hattie had a short but enthusiastic tenure with the Foreign Service. She happily moved from rural NH to Oakwood Falls Church, where she proudly rode the elevators several times each day and loved going for walks in the surrounding neighborhood.  She moved to Saudi Arabia but did not survive the journey.  She is buried in a quiet corner at the Consulate.  So sad.

Griffin (gray) and Callaghan (white) are now enjoying a pampered Foreign Service life after rough starts on the streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Callaghan was abandoned as a kitten.  Griffin was run over by the car as a kitten and rescued by a Consulate driver, who brought him to a local woman who took in cats.  There he met the now-rescued Callaghan, and they formed a close bond as Griffin recovered fully from his injuries.  Adopted together in 2010 and now inseparable, they'll visit the United States for a few months this year before moving to Kampala, Uganda.  They are both hoping for a plethora of entertaining flora and fauna outside their new windows!  
* Also - I think they are on my former Drexel couch!

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