Friday, March 30, 2012

Felix and Wonder dog in Ottawa

Felix the Malay street cat, saved by an MSG from the Embassy pool locker room in Kuala Lumpur.  Felix has crankily enjoyed a 3 year tour in Ottawa and is moving on to Moscow this summer.  When Felix arrived in the US for the first time, the pet guy at the airport pulled him out of his carrier and said "Wow!  A Tonkinese cat!" Who knew a Malay street cat could look like a fancy pure bred cat?  Also, soon after Felix came to live at our house, his mother was eaten by a python.  Really.  We love him even though he is cranky.

Wonder the lame Canadian labrador.  He will be the dog sporting an orthopedic shoe on the streets of Moscow this summer.  We adore him and he is a laid back and balanced puppy.

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